CRUCKTON HALL SCHOOL believes that with a supportive and structured approach that places high expectations on boys to achieve their own potential is the best way to succeed. Every boy enjoys a full school day with access to the National Curriculum and end of Key Stage testing, aiding future reintegration in the mainstream. Time is set aside for homework and all boys have the opportunity to take at least 4 GCSE examinations.

Sport, activities and leisure time

Exceptional facilities on site are supplemented by involvement in local clubs and societies, use of community facilities, a range of trips and outward bound activities, catering for all tastes and abilities. Sport facilities include a sports hall and gym, a sports field and a playground with basketball net. Football, cycling, badminton, basketball, athletics and cross country are all popular, as is Ju-Jitsu. Boys can participate in a range of exciting activities out of school hours, including fishing, skateboarding, taekwondo, judo and Army Cadets. Every year, a variety of trips are organised, including canoeing and canal trips, with the climax of the year being the Summer Camp.


Buildings, facilities and grounds are designed and maintained to provide the best possible setting to meet the various needs of the boys. This demonstrates the value Cruckton places on the individual. Cruckton Hall enjoys a stunning rural environment, yet is within a few minutes by road of the comprehensive amenities of Shrewsbury and is easily accessible to national road and rail networks.

In the Community

Many of the activities pursued by the children are undertaken as part of community groups, such as Army Cadets and Judo. Cruckton Hall plays a vital part in the life of Cruckton village and in the wider community of Shrewsbury. As well as regular visits to the shops and strong links with local colleges for the older boys, Cruckton boys have a long tradition of organising the main Showring at the Shropshire Agricultural Show.

Home Contact

Cruckton Hall works in close partnership with parents and pupils. There are two parent meetings a year plus a range of social events and regular consultation. Visits by parents and weekend home leave are welcomed. Boys are supported to maintain contact with family and friends by telephone, letter and e-mail.


Cruckton Hall provides a safe, caring, structured residential and learning environment in which each boy:

so that he can take his place fully in society.

Cruckton Hall treats each child as an individual, with a programme based on an assessment of his unique needs, abilities and ambitions and on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Children with ASD need structure in their lives and find difficulty in social relationships. The Cruckton Hall approach provides a carefully structured environment and social relationships are built naturally as an integral part of daily life in a positive, caring community.

We are aiming towards:


Each potential pupil is assessed before admission by the Senior Team at Cruckton Hall School. Emergency admissions are not possible, although an accelerated admission process may be negotiated, if required. The vulnerability of many of the pupils is a key issue which is recognised at the outset. Appropriate levels of well-qualified, skilled and highly-motivated staff are provided to ensure good parenting. Partnership with families and placing authorities is a key component in our service.

Residential Accommodation

52-week and term time only residential options are provided for both on and off campus. A third of the accommodation is provided within the 18th century, grade II listed manor house that forms the centre of the main Cruckton campus. This provides the security of quality accommodation, combined with a structured educational programme covering the 24 hour period. The remainder of the site offers a variety of accommodation in six further residential units. There are two properties in the neighbouring town of Shrewsbury. The range of accommodation on offer enables each young person to live in the environment that best meets their needs and to progress to different styles of accommodation as they mature. There is a wide range of out of school activities on offer, with the highlight of the summer camp.

Our Residential Sites

The Main House and stable flats provide accommodation for 32 boys.

There are 13 single rooms, 3 double rooms. It has a large communal lounge, TV room, games room and a further lounge on the top floor.

It is at the hub of the Cruckton site and there is a regular programme of recreational activities both in the evenings and at weekends.

Elizabeth House is a 3 bedroom unit to accommodate mainly younger boys.

There are three twin bedrooms and a risk assessment is undertaken when pupils are being chosen to share a room.

The boys in this unit usually attend the Cruckton Junior School.

This beautiful converted Barn accommodates four boys in single bedrooms.

The boys are in the age range 11-15 and this unit provides 52 week accommodation.

The Barn is situated just off the main Cruckton campus in a quiet cul-de-sac in the village of Cruckton.

There are 3 units in the Woodlands which are interconnected. Woodlands Beech has five single bedrooms which offer superior accommodation to boys aged 10-15 who require a quieter more focussed residential provision. The boys in Woodlands will from time to time participate in the recreational activities organised at the Main House but have the opportunity to participate in their own activity programme when they wish.

Woodlands Ash has similar arrangements to Woodlands Beech and has five single bedrooms. Woodlands Cedar is similar to the two preceding entries and offers superior accommodation with six single bedrooms and a large play/games room.

Ivy House is situated adjacent to the sports hall at Cruckton. There are nine single bedrooms for boys who are normally in Year 10/11 at Cruckton Hall School.

The emphasis here is ensuring that the Year 11 boys have a slightly different programme encouraging more mature independence skills preparing them for the next step in their life.

Belvidere House is situated in an estate in the middle of Shrewsbury. It provides four single bedroom accommodation for boys aged 11 to 15. Currently, most of these boys need 52 week provision.

The house is within walking distance of Shrewsbury town centre and enables boys to participate easily in community activities. All boys within this unit attend Cruckton Hall School.


Cruckton Hall's commitment to excellence depends to a large extent on recruiting high-quality staff in all disciplines who work as a team to support the pupils.

Teaching staff combine qualified teaching status, subject specialisms and management skills with expertise in supporting young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Each member of staff has regular individual, professional supervision and a personal development plan. Cruckton supports a number of staff in relevant further and higher education courses.

The excellence of training and development activity and career prospects has led to a traditionally low staff turnover.

Staff Qualifications

The school employs qualified and unqualified teachers who have relevant qualifications to their subject. The school also employs numerous care staff, all of whom either possess NVQ Level 3 or are working towards it, and all managers have attained or are working towards NVQ Level 4.

Health and Safety

The school has a rigorous Health and Safety Policy in place. There are monthly Health and Safety meetings for staff with areas of responsibility across the school. The School council is briefed on the issues discussed and asked for agreement or opinion.


Each boy at Cruckton Hall School has a health plan, whether or not they are a residential or day pupil, drawn up by our school nurse. The Main House has its own well equipped surgery.

Boys have annual eye checks and are also registered with the local dental practice. Where appropriate, parents may wish to retain their existing dentist.

Child Protection

The school has two Child Protection Liaison Officers and has a local policy available on request. Copies of the Shropshire Area Child Protection Committee procedures are maintained in each residential unit. Boys' safety at Cruckton is paramount.


Many boys come to Cruckton Hall School exhibiting both difficult and challenging behaviour.

The structure and consistency of our approach combined with a nurturing environment has had a track record of shaping boys' behaviour to more socially acceptable norms. Expectations of pupil behaviour are high. The basis of the approach is:

Boys will be encouraged and supported to meet as many of these headings as is possible.

A transitional service

The Cruckton Hall Complex has recently developed a transitional service in response to frequent requests from referring authorities and families. Harlescott House and its sister services, Harlescott Lodge and Studio provide three distinct residential opportunities for older boys, aged 15-19, with the opportunity of a successful transition into local colleges, including additional support as required. Cruckton Hall is also able to offer bespoke post-16 education programmes from Harlescott House.

Harlescott offers support packages designed to enable residents to make significant progress towards achieving employment and a home of their own.

Harlescott House, which opened in 2003, offers 9 single rooms for boys aged 15+. The majority of these boys attend local Further Education or Sixth form colleges within the Shrewsbury area. They are supported to do so by the residential staff and additional input is given by the Cruckton teaching staff as required. There is an independence unit within Harlescott House where one of the boys can practise living skills such as shopping and budgeting for leisure activities. Community recreational facilities are widely used by this student group.

On the same site there are two further buildings. The Lodge is a four bedroomed unit for boys who are assessed as being capable of further independence and are allowed to do so with a light touch care staff support.

Boys in the Lodge are given a weekly budget to spend on food and activities and their diet and recreational programme is monitored by their designated key-worker.

Harlescott Studio is a two bedroomed bed sit accommodation for two boys who have progressed from the Lodge.

These boys can live virtually independently from the main Harlescott site if required although the residential staff will keep a supervisory eye on issues such as budgeting, recreation, socialising and attendance at college.

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