CRUCKTON HALL SCHOOL is an independent residential school for 90 boys aged 8-19 years. Occasionally a younger pupil may be admitted subject to the local authority and DfE special dispensation. The school was established in 1981 and is approved by the DfE. Cruckton Hall provides a residential education service to over 30 referring education authorities. Boys attend Cruckton Hall having experienced various difficulties at school, home and in the wider social community. Each referral is carefully assessed looking at the boys' individual needs and how they will impact upon the larger Cruckton Hall group.

All of the boys at Cruckton Hall School have a diagnosis within the Autistic Spectrum and quite often co-morbid disorders to complicate their needs. Allied to this comes a range of related learning and sensory and communication difficulties. These needs are met by an individually structured learning environment.

Cruckton Hall Local Offer
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Class Groups

There are 21 fully qualified and 3 unqualified, experienced teachers, all with subject specialism's and wide extracurricular interests and qualifications. Each teacher has a responsibility for a class group and maintains each boy's Individual Education Plan (IEP). These plans are reviewed at least twice per annum and are developed in conjunction with the residential care workers. The youngest boys have most subjects taught by their class teacher, who is primary school trained, but all boys are taught by subject specialists and individual timetables are arranged. The teaching programme is supported by a large number of teaching assistants.

A special room has been established for practical environmental project work in Environmental Science and Geography. The room along with other designated areas such as the garden/woodland area will also be used for a quiet area for pupils with personal issues or difficulties in coping. This facility will offer a sanctuary where they can continue their studies and recover their equilibrium.

Drama forms an important part of the curriculum at Cruckton. It is timetabled in the studio as part of the English and PSHE syllabi with academic, social and therapeutic programmes. Social and Speech & Language programmes are also being developed in this area.

Class groups are organised mainly by age, usually six pupils or less. Each boy is helped to learn at his own level and speed, with both class and individual teaching. The use of I.C.T. is promoted across the curriculum as are Literacy and Numeracy as whole school initiatives.


Cruckton Hall provides a wide range of education, residential care and specialist services, individually tailored to meet the needs of boys aged 8-19. We offer a flexible approach, to enable each pupil to achieve their potential at their own pace. Excellent academic outcomes have been achieved over many years, especially with those at the higher-functioning end of the Autistic Spectrum. The school has been particularly successful with pupils who present with additional difficulties in areas such as vulnerability, social integration, communication difficulties and challenging behaviour.

Curriculum and Qualifications

Pupils follow the National Curriculum in Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) and are prepared for up to 6 GCSE subjects. English Language, Mathematics, Science and Computer Literacy are taken by all pupils. In addition, they can choose from a wide range of subjects, including a foreign language. Students at local college are supported to achieve vocational qualifications and A Levels, if appropriate, and can successfully engage in "Entry into Employment" courses. The success rate in external examinations is excellent at all levels.

In addition, each boy's Record of Achievement charts their progress in all areas of life, and includes a Curriculum Vitae. All boys have a consultation with the local Connexions Careers Officer and the School also arranges work experience placements in a wide range of job options from baking to building.

In Year 11 the boys have a differentiated programme to meet and develop their social skills within the community at a practical and vocational level. This will reflect individual interest and may include the following areas: Animal Husbandry, Estate management, Mechanics, Equine, Environmental Studies and Horticulture.

We also run a programme of Entry level, Life Skills and AQA modules.

Life Skills

As boys progress through the school, greater emphasis is placed on the skills needed for independent living as adults. The variety of residential accommodation enables each boy's needs to be met, even as they develop over time. The Harlescott campus enables the oldest boys to enjoy a successful transition to employment, further education and independence.

Therapeutic Support

The school offers consultant sessions from an Educational Psychologist, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Speech and Language Therapist. A Registered Nurse is available to all pupils. Comprehensive health plans are part of the holistic approach at Cruckton Hall.

For more information, please visit the Cruckton Hall School website at www.cruckton.com