Adult Provision

Young Adults

KISIMUL GROUP Ltd runs homes for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours and complex needs. All of our residential care homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are regulated under the Health and Social care Act 2008. We also supply 24 hour support and management services via our registered domiciliary care agency.

Continuity and consistency of care

For over thirty years Kisimul School has provided quality care and education to young people with severe learning difficulties who also have some form of behavioural problem. Often pupils are at the school for up to eight years and in recent times it has become difficult to find appropriate placements for them when it is time for them to leave formal education at 19. There are many good care homes available for young adults with severe learning difficulties, but the added complication of behavioural problems often excludes our young adults from being granted a place. An Darach was formed to address this need to enable our pupils to make a smooth transition from school to adult life. Our first home, An Darach House, was purpose-built in 1998, to provide care to six pupils from Kisimul School.

Statement of Purpose

Kisimul Group Ltd is a company that provides both education and care for children up to the age of 19 and residential care homes for young adults, both male and female with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. Its principal aim is to provide education and homes in the community in which the young adults can be assisted to reach their full potential and to live as rich and rewarding a life as possible.

Our regulated activities as defined by the Health and Social Care Act 2008 are Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care and for our Domiciliary care service is Personal Care.

This document is intended as a guide to our services for those young adults and anyone else who has an interest in their welfare or indeed the interest of Kisimul Group itself. It also contains all the statutory information necessary to constitute the Statement of Purpose as required by the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Kisimul Group has a number of high level objectives which remain constant and which form the essential elements of its principal aim. These objectives are to:-

Kisimul Group

The original Kisimul School was established in The Old Vicarage in Swinderby, in 1977. Pronounced "kishmul" the name comes from Kisimul Castle which overlooks one of the safest harbours in the British Isles. Like their namesake, Kisimul School is a safe haven, providing care and protection for their pupils whilst preparing them for the journey ahead. The original school building still accommodates many of the children of our Lower School.

Kisimul Group went on to develop further schools in Lincolnshire, Surrey and Shrewsbury.

A need was identified to provide care on a longer term basis for our young school leavers and in response to that need Kisimul Group expanded their services to provide care and residential accommodation for service users aged 18-65. We will however in line with the directions of the CQC consider placements under the age of 18 but no younger than 17 if the need arises. We do currently provide placements under the age of 18 within Breagha House. We are now in a position to offer a high-quality, tailor-made service for individual school leavers or for groups of school friends to share a home.

We currently have nine adult homes in the communities of North Scarle, Heckington, Gainsborough, Washingborough, Faldingworth, Hayton, Croydon and Epsom offering a total 75 residential placements. The company has plans to further increase provision due to the large demand for these services.

In 2004, we opened An Darach Care, our own domiciliary care agency. This agency provides an exceptional level of service in specially-designed individual properties for learning disabled with a complex level of need. We currently have one registered location at:

61 High Street

People reside in Saorsa House, Sunndach House, Taigh Carbaid, Tigh Dion, Tigh Naveen and Cala Sona where they hold tenancies and we provide personal care.

The close relationship between Kisimul Group and Kisimul School means that the young adults will always have access to the resources available within a larger organisation. Kisimul Group Ltd is a nationally recognised centre for ASDAN and offers ASDAN ‘Toward Independence’ modules having gained Validated Centre Status in October 1999. Our individual homes have recently become accredited centres for ASDAN, and the residents will be working towards the ‘Personal Progress’ modules.

High quality of staff training is an essential aspect in providing the quality care which we set out to achieve from day one.

The Kisimul standard means:


These are the basic criteria that Kisimul Group encompasses. We work on the principle that ....People with Learning Disabilities have the same intrinsic rights as anyone else in society and therefore have the right to develop and make informed choices about their lives.... In line with this residents are encouraged to integrate within the community and are supported to reach their full potential. Within this is the need to have underlying principles and guidelines but also to recognise that the young adults must be allowed to develop themselves with the necessary support and help of the care team.

Within the care field a recognised set of accomplishments is often referred to; “O’Brien’s Accomplishments.” Kisimul Group endeavours to achieve these whilst ensuring that all the young adults lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Community Presence - The right to be within the community and take part in all it has to offer. Using the same facilities as all other members of the community both in ‘work’ and when at leisure.

Relationships - To have relationships with a range of people - living in a house in the community isn’t enough. The young adults need to be encouraged to mix with everyone - with disabilities or without, from neighbours and friends to shopkeepers and other service givers.

Choice - An important feature of everyday life is to be able to make choices, however small. The young adults are encouraged and helped to decide what to wear, eat etc, whatever their personal level of ability.

Competence - Help and encouragement is given to all so that they may develop skills and the competence to perform useful and meaningful activities thus leading to greater choice and independence.

Respect - Everybody has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be valued in their own right.

Privacy – Everybody has the right to privacy and have their individual rights to privacy respected and adhered to. Privacy will be maintained through bedroom and bathroom doors shut as appropriate, in addition all windows have blinds or curtains in place to maintain dignity and privacy. All staff will act in line with the personal and intimate care policy and procedure.

Kisimul Group constantly monitors the quality of the service offered to our young adults so that we can reach, maintain and improve upon the standards laid down by regulatory authorities and to ensure that they are provided with the opportunity to lead as independent a lifestyle as possible.


Places are available for young adults of either sex. The majority of our bedrooms have been provided with en suite facilities, or an adjacent bathroom. Bedrooms are provided on both ground and upper floor levels in the individual homes. The ground floor of our properties usually consists of a kitchen, dining room, various living rooms, laundry facilities a staff room and an administration office.

Our houses are traditionally brick built buildings with all the facilities necessary for independent living. All areas of our houses are centrally heated and double glazed. The houses provide parking facilities and good size gardens that usually include a patio and barbecue area. The size of the outside space varies with each individual property.


Referrals to Kisimul Group are normally made via the local Social Services or Health Department accountable for the young person's welfare.

The principal criteria before Kisimul Group can consider a referral are that the young person has a learning disability and or communication problem and or autism and also has some form of challenging behaviour. A Care Needs Assessment will then take place to ensure that Kisimul Group is the most suitable agency for the young person's needs. On acceptance a contract will be drawn up between the placement authority and Kisimul Group.

Kisimul Group does not provide nursing care facilities and is not intended to provide facilities for sensory impairment or profound physical disabilities such as paraplegia. Staff undertake training in Makaton sign language, the PECS communication system and these two systems can be offered to clients with limited or no vocal communication skills. Normally, those clients would be pre-schooled in some form of signing skills. However, specialised therapy can be provided and this is agreed at pre-contract stage.Kisimul Group has got access to speech and language therapists and aroma therapists.

We are unable to accept any emergency care arrangements.


As a group providing care services we endeavour to provide the best possible package of care at all times for every individual within our homes. However we do recognise that there may be times when those individuals or their family, carers or care managers may wish to complain about the service we are providing or tell us about an issue or concern they have. We fully promote an individual’s right to complain and react quickly and effectively to any complaint. This ensures we are continually improving our service as well as the care we provide to any individual.

As well as accepting complaints to the service via our complaints procedure, concerns can be raised via the Care Quality Commission, we also promote the use of advocacy services in order to ensure individuals in our care services are heard and are properly represented.


Kisimul Group homes are not large units and are not designed to be one. The principal advantage behind living in a home in the community has to be the normality of the situation.

Our residents participate as fully as possible in the day to day running of their home. With the help of residential support workers they are expected to adhere to a budget, shop, cook and do their share of the housework.

The residents together with the support workers are responsible for utilising their leisure time in the best way possible, for example short and long walks combined with a picnic in some of the local parks and stately homes and estates, full days exploring cities and towns with particular attractions, visits to the cinema, the local pub and the bowling alley. Being closely linked with Kisimul School gives opportunities to share resources such as the swimming pool at The Old Vicarage and the animal husbandry facilities at Acacia Hall.

Independence skills are an important part of everyday life for the young adults of Kisimul Group and the ambition of all involved is to enable our residents to maintain, develop and extend skills already acquired within the school setting.

Kisimul Group is non-denominational and normally does not provide or attend religious worships. Specific requests by residents would be accommodated as far as practically feasible within the residents own capabilities or specific arrangements agreed at pre-admission stage or as appropriate.


A key worker system is in operation which allows support workers to develop a close awareness of each resident’s individual needs both emotional and social.

The key worker and other members of staff take an active part in developing, monitoring and revising the residents Individual Plan of Care (I.P.C) and wherever possible reports to and attends case conferences and reviews.

The system in operation within the home ensures that after an initial assessment period an Individual Plan of Care (I.P.C) is developed by the care team headed by the manager for each individual resident with the residents input. They are developed to promote the needs of the resident and take into account the parents’ wishes/ persons with parental responsibility and the requirements of their own authorities in charge of placing residents at Kisimul Group. I.P.C’s are discussed at reviews and amendments made where necessary.


Although Kisimul Group is primarily a home for our residents, a total skills approach is adopted. This involves many activities which together enhance the quality of provision and help the young persons to gain maturity by valuing and supporting them at different times of the day and in many different circumstances.All of our residents are individuals and are treated as such. Their progression with these skills will inevitably take place at different rates.The individual staff/resident ratio ensures carefully planned progression takes place which enables the young persons to consolidate existing skills and achievements.Kisimul Group is a validated assessment centre for ASDAN.

The under-mentioned are some of the skills that are focused on.

Personal Care and Health
Personal hygiene
Use of community health services
'Looking good.'
Healthy eating.
Awareness of own body and self image.
Awareness of adult status.

Mobility / Travel
Getting around the house / village / community.
Use of public transport.

Creative and Expressive Arts
Performing Music / Dance.
Arts and crafts.
Listening to music.
Visiting the cinema.
Going to the theatre.

Leisure and Recreation
Introduction to various activities - making informed choices.
Use of community facilities and sports.
Awareness of opportunities.
Foreign travel.

Functional Numeracy, Communication and Literacy
Identifying numbers in order to:
Tell time.
Handle money.
Identify correct clothes sizes.
Use of computers and telephones.
Listening to and interpreting speech, Makaton signs and communication skills.

Developing Domestic Skills and Responsibilities
Planning and preparation of food and drink.
Safety within the home.

Social Skills
Living with others.
Expressing own needs and wishes.
Respecting the needs and wishes of others.
Appropriate behaviour in various social setting and in private.


Kisimul Holding Limited has a management team that comprises of:

Mrs Margaret HillChief Executive Officer
Mr Tjerk de HaanOperations Director
Mr Brian WareingDevelopments Director
Mr Andrew MurrellFinance Director
Mr Daniel CarterDirector of Education

Margaret Hill joined Kisimul School after a reorganisation which brought with it reinvestment by two major investors, thus securing the future of the company. Margaret used to be the Operations Director at Craegmoor Healthcare managing 116 facilities in the North West; she is therefore experienced in managing services similar to Kisimul’s. Margaret has 26 years’ experience in managing children and adults with learning disabilities. Her background is in accountancy originally.

Tjerk de Haan has been employed by Kisimul School since November 1987. He worked at An Darach House, an adult residential care home, for three years. He started work as Head of Care at Kisimul on the 3rd January 2001 and subsequently became Principal with and NVQ 5 in Operational and Strategic Management. Tjerk was then promoted to Operations Director and Tjerk is the Nominated Individual.

Danny Carter has been at Kisimul School for 9 years; he joined the school as a class teacher in 2001 and was promoted to Senior Teacher in 2005. He went on to become Head Teacher at Kisimul Lower School in 2006 and took up the post of Director of Education in November 2009. Prior to joining Kisimul Danny studied at university in London and taught in mainstream schools for 10 years.

Brian Wareing has been in the Construction Industry for 42 years. He has joined the Management team in March 2007 after one of the founder directors stepped back in order to retire.

Andrew Murrell joined the company in September 2008. Andrew is a qualified ACA having worked previously at Price-Waterhouse (now Price-Waterhouse-Coopers) and Ernest Young, where he was a director. More recently Andrew was Finance Director at Coffee Point plc until its sale to Bunzl plc. He is a Director and the company secretary.

All our properties have a Manager who is suitably qualified and experienced and has been registered with the Care Quality Commission.

On a day to day basis the homes are run by the Registered Manager, who reports directly to Angie Black the Assistant Director for the adult provision. Angie joined the company in August 2002 and has held positions in both the school and Adult environment gaining promotion to her current position in January 2015. Angie reports on all aspects of the Adult Provision directly to Tjerk de Haan the Operations Director and Responsible Person to give regular feedback.

All staff recruited to work in our homes have been selected via a rigorous recruitment and selection process which includes the uptake of references and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check in line with Safer Recruitment Guidelines 2006.

All staff receive training in NVQ’s/Diplomas and all staff undertake the Common Induction Standards/Care Certificate as well as our own internal induction programme during the first six months. Staff undertake regular training sessions covering a range of topics such as Mental Capacity & Deprivation of Liberty training, behaviour management, communication, first aid, Timian & physical intervention, basic food hygiene and various other courses needed to fulfil their roles.

Kisimul Group has built a reputation for training staff to the highest levels possible.

19-25 Provision

Kisimul group have recently introduced an additional learning provision that focuses on the further development of young people attending in topics they may have a specific interest in which involves some accredited learning.

Kisimul School is currently seeking to register the 19-25 education programme with the EFA at some point during 2015.